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Hygiene Kits

We have a program dispensing personal hygiene kits to volunteer fire departments, burn hospitals and other fire related organizations for distribution free of charge.

These kits are not just for fire and disaster victims but also for children attending burn camps, family members staying with their children in burn hospitals, and homeless individuals staying at shelters.

Some of the items contained in the personal hygiene kits (but not limited to) are:

Body Lotion
Disposable Razors
Shaving Cream

If you are an organization requesting these kits please "click here".

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST provide a valid mailing address. WE CAN NOT SHIP TO A POST OFFICE BOX!

If you are an organization that would like to donate kits to us please "click here".

The kits differ based on the individual needs of those the program assists. A child attending a three or four day burn camp has vastly different needs than an adult who is seeking refuge at a homeless shelter. Our greatest challenge lies in acquiring the products that go into each kit. If your organization could assist us by donating some of these items we would greatly appreciate it.

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