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The Firefighters Charitable Foundation continues to provide assistance to those in need. Grants are given to assist local fire/disaster victims, fire prevention education, volunteer fire department equipment purchase, and community safety programs.

If you or your organization applies for a grant, please be sure to describe how funding will be utilized and whether this is an ongoing or one time program and/or equipment purchase.

Your grant application will be reviewed and you will be notified as to the status of your grant request.

PLEASE NOTE: Grants given may be ONLY A PERCENTAGE of your request or needs! ONLY the President of FFCF and/or the Board of Directors determines the amount of the grant based on many criteria. Since the FFCF tries to help as many as possible in need, funds available for grants must be spread among many approved applicants. For example, a fire house may need a new fire truck and FFCF will grant only a small percentage of what is needed to meet the procurement.

The following grants are available that meet specific grant requirements:

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)

This grant is available nationally to an organization that would like to implement an AED program for their community. Applicants should fill out the Apply for Grants Form (see hyperlink on this page).

Your local fire department should be contacted to assist with determining what brand AED to buy and to arrange CPR/AED training for those that will administer it.

Fire Department Equipment Program

This grant is available for Volunteer (and Paid) Fire Departments to purchase fire fighting equipment and vehicles. It also provides assistance to acquire necessary tools, clothing and other procurements. Applicants should fill out the Apply for Grants Form (see hyperlink on this page).

Community Smoke Detector Program

This grant is available for Volunteer Fire Departments, Safe Kids Coalitions, Social Service Agencies to assist with implementation of a smoke detector, battery replacement program in their local community. Applicants should fill out the Apply for Grants Form (see hyperlink on this page).

Juvenile Firesetter Prevention and Intervention Program

This $500 grant is available for any Fire Department (Volunteer or Paid) or a social service agency wishing to implement a "Juvenile Firesetter Prevention and Intervention Program." There are currently thousands of these prevention programs throughout the United States and Canada. The grant helps offset the initial costs of setting up the program with items such as instructional material, users guide, audio/visual equipment and other related printing. Applicants should fill out the "Apply for Grant Form" ( see link below ).

If you wish to apply for a grant please click here: Apply for Grant Form.

Note: Specify from the list above which one you are applying for in the comments area of the Grant Form.